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Updating the look of your kitchen cabinets can drastically change the overall feel of the room. Whether your cabinets are a bit outdated, or they are more modern, but you desire a change, Flawless Finishing can help you achieve the look you want without you having to replace them, saving you thousands of dollars!

Cabinet Process

1. Disassemble all cabinet doors and draws, remove handles, organize and label, take to our shop for finishing.
2. TSP clean (Trisodium Phosphate) all surfaces being refinished
3. Sand, Vacuum, and tack cloth all surfaces prepping the surface for primer (we use a Festool dustless sander for this step)
4. Apply one coat of Zinsser Bin Shellac primer
5. Spackle all minor imperfections/caulk cracks (we never caulk floating panels on cabinet doors, they are meant to move seasonally)
6. Sand, Vacuum, and tack cloth all surfaces prepping the surface for topcoat (we use a Festool dustless sander for this step)
7. Apply two top coats of Enamel finish. (Satin or Semi-gloss)
8. De-mask and clean up garbage on-site
9. Deliver and install newly refinished cabinets


Things to keep in mind

  • We do not paint inside the cabinets.
  • Oak grain will be minimized by our process, but not completely leveled and removed.
  • For a second color option there is up to a $650 up charge.
  • Walls will need to be painted after enameling cabinets, if walls will be left unpainted you will see an up charge to mask walls off properly and touch ups after the project is de-masked.

FAQ Cabinet Questions

Q: How long does a cabinet job normally take?
A: It all depends on the size of the kitchen but on average cabinet job takes 5-7 days. Your kitchen will be under construction and non-usable for approximately 4 days due to spraying and masking off.

Q: Do you spray in our house?
A: Yes, we will spray all your cabinet boxes in your house, all your door and draw fronts will be taken apart and taken back to our refinishing shop to be completed. (If you are absolutely against us spraying in your house, we can come up with a different game plan that fits your desire and needs)

Q: Do I need to do any prep work before you start the project?
A: Yes, you do play a part in the process, we ask that you remove everything out of your cabinets and drawers. We also ask that your counters are completely cleared off and kitchen is ready to be worked in.

Q: What should I use to clean my cabinets now that they are painted?
A: For normal dusting we recommend that you use just a Swiffer or dry microfiber cloth. If a deeper cleaning is desired dawn dish soup/warm water or half Vinger/half warm water mixture are recommended.

Q: Do you replace Hinges and Hardware?
A: No, we do not replace hinges. We will replace your hardware if the existing holes are used

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